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The Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill gives you the opportunity to rehab from surgery or train through injury without pain. AlterG's unique unweighting technology reduces the impact of walking or running, while your body goes through the normal healing process.

We have the following pricing plans available:

 Single-Session Rates  1 hour session $45
 30 minute session $25
 Bulk purchase plans  10-Hour Punch Card $350
 Monthly Plan (up to 10 sessions) $250

Reservations required for all Alter-G usage. Contact us at 508-544-1540.

*Student and Veteran rates available.


CrossFit is a high intensity, high velocity sport where pain may significantly affect performance or full participation in workouts and/or competitions. At Platinum Physical Therapy, we believe that providing onsite, sports-specific treatments for the specialty movements needed for success in CrossFit is essential to keeping athletes healthy. Pain is often the result of muscle imbalances between tight and weak muscle groups, poor coordination or body mechanics, and/or training errors that can be treated or prevented with guidance from a physical therapist working in tandem with your CrossFit coaches. Our therapist Julianne Rickert is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 10 years of personal experience lifting and coaching in both track & field and strength & conditioning, giving her a unique perspective on the loading demands needed for CrossFit. We offer formal insurance covered physical therapy treatment, free injury screening, and movement assessment to track your progress from as early as day one of your fitness journey.


Biomechanical Gait Analysis: At HPTSM the Alter-G treadmill is used to analyze walking and running gaits. This exclusive equipment allows for a full stride while enabling us to assess imbalances at various angles and speeds. With this information, corrections can be made with an individualized exercise prescription and recommendations for proper footwear and/or orthotics.

The Alter-G treadmill will be used to evaluate you through a series of walking and running trials. Footwear and orthotic recommendations will be provided, as well as personalized recommendations for improved technique. 45 mins, $99.

Recreational Runner
All the benefits of the ‘Newbie’ program plus assessment of range of motion and strength, functional movement screen, lower extremity biomechanical assessment, and corrective exercise proscription. 1.5 hours, $145.

Racer (customized package, call for details)

Please contact Platinum Physical Therapy at 508-544-1540.


"The Right Fit"
Includes a basic analysis of your current bike fit from a physical therapist's point of view. This fit takes into account current or previous injuries that may be due to riding position and technique. Opinions on what to change or adapt will be given to the patient to take home, in order to ride in a more efficient position. 45 mins, $99.

"Stronger, Faster, Harder"
Includes the same services offered in "The Right Fit" package combined with a lower extremity biomechanical assessment, and corrective exercise prescription to help with overall training to improve strength and riding technique. 1.5 hours, $145.

"Individualized Training Plans"
Includes everything offered in the "Stronger, Faster, Harder" package plus individualized training plans. Plans include how to improve overall endurance, power, and speed based on various workouts. Discussion regarding heart rate and power to assess overall progression is also included. (call for details)

Please contact Platinum Physical Therapy at 508-544-1540


Introductory Course
Have you been wanting to try yoga but have been too intimidated to walk into a yoga studio with advanced yogis around you? Or maybe you are afraid that if you do something incorrectly you may injure yourself. If either of these statements have held you back in the past, please check out our Introduction to Yoga class at our Ashland location. Taught by our therapist Kelsey Britton, DPT, who is also a registered yoga teacher. The class is focused on proper technique/form, modification for injury, focus on breath work and a non-judgmental and light hearted atmosphere in which you can begin your yoga journey. With hands on adjustments and instructor attention to ensure a smooth transition from a beginner student to that advanced yogi!

Introductory course: Monday evenings @ 7:15 pm – 8:30 pm

Drop- In $17

10 Class Card (Expires 6 months after purchase date) $140

Sole Supports

Stephanie Hatherley is a certified provider of Sole Supports custom- made orthotics. These individualized custom orthotics can make all the difference in comfort and performance when dealing with:

- foot/ankle pain
- arch/heel pain
- knee pain
- hip pain
- low back pain
- flat feet and injury prevention for recreational to high level athletes

What sets Sole Supports Orthotics apart is that they conform perfectly to your arch for support, as well as, custom calibration for your weight and activity level. They are engineered to actually change foot posture and function, not just providing cushioning. They capture the foot in the ideal position for weight-bearing activities, all while using top quality materials.

For more information or a consult please contact Platinum Physical Therapy at 508-544-1540.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy

This specialty in physical therapy is effective for adults and the pediatric population. Women's health issues treated range from urinary incontinence to various pelvic pain diagnoses. Children's issues range from chronic constipation to all kinds of urinary dysfunctions. The following treatment options may be used to help re-gain bladder & bowel control and reduce pain; working with our state of the art biofeedback system, electrical stimulation, exercise prescription specific to your symptoms, functional training, and guidance in behavioral modifications. Pelvic floor muscle therapy is available at our Hopkinton location.