The Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill gives you the opportunity to rehab from surgery or train through injury without pain. AlterG's unique unweighting technology reduces the impact of walking or running, while your body goes through the normal healing process.

We have the following pricing plans available:

 Single-Session Rates  1 hour session $45
 30 minute session $25
 Bulk purchase plans  10-Hour Punch Card $350
 Monthly Plan (up to 10 sessions) $250

Reservations required for all Alter-G usage. Contact us at 508-544-1540.

*Student and Veteran rates available.


CrossFit is a high intensity, high velocity sport where pain may significantly affect performance or full participation in workouts and/or competitions. At Platinum Physical Therapy, we believe that providing onsite, sports-specific treatments for the specialty movements needed for success in CrossFit is essential to keeping athletes healthy. Pain is often the result of muscle imbalances between tight and weak muscle groups, poor coordination or body mechanics, and/or training errors that can be treated or prevented with guidance from a physical therapist working in tandem with your CrossFit coaches. Our therapist Julianne Rickert is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 10 years of personal experience lifting and coaching in both track & field and strength & conditioning, giving her a unique perspective on the loading demands needed for CrossFit. We offer formal insurance covered physical therapy treatment, free injury screening, and movement assessment to track your progress from as early as day one of your fitness journey.

Platinum Strength

An essential component of training for any sport is strength, but coming up with routines at the gym or signing up for classes can be a challenge in our busy lives. Physical therapists are movement specialists with years of training in cuing proper form, progressing exercise interventions tailored to your strength/mobility needs, and helping reduce injury risk as you strive for your performance goals. Our Platinum Strength program includes a movement screening in clinic to determine your strengths and weaknesses to guide the creation of an exercise program based on your goals, whether it be general strength or a specific calendar event. Your program will be progressed based on conversations with your strength coach via email every 2-3 months for an additional cost. Sessions can be scheduled in the clinic with your coach as well if you feel you need supervision.

40 minute initial movement screening and program creation $100
In person training session in clinic $75
Customized 2-3 month exercise block $45 each


Running Gait Analysis
During our Running Gait Assessment, you and your therapist will discuss your training, injury, and racing history to better understand your individual goals. Your running gait mechanics will then be assessed on the Alter-G treadmill with gait retraining recommendations made as appropriate. Also included is a functional movement screening and corrective exercise prescription to help you reduce injury risk and achieve peak performance.

90 minute assessment $150
All running performance follow-up visits $75


While we recommend in session physical therapy when possible, there are cases where individuals travel consistently for other obligations or do not live locally. After an in-person initial evaluation, follow up sessions can be completed with a licensed physical therapist online to help you get the care you need on a more regular basis than your schedule may allow for. Telehealth visits include a 40 minute appointment slot with your physical therapist using video chatting and email correspondence for providing exercise recommendations. We recommend an in-person check in every 4-6 weeks to track progress.

Telehealth appointments $75


Introductory Course
Have you been wanting to try yoga but have been too intimidated to walk into a yoga studio with advanced yogis around you? Or maybe you are afraid that if you do something incorrectly you may injure yourself. If either of these statements have held you back in the past, please check out our Introduction to Yoga class at our Ashland location. Taught by our therapist Kelsey Britton, DPT, who is also a registered yoga teacher. The class is focused on proper technique/form, modification for injury, focus on breath work and a non-judgmental and light hearted atmosphere in which you can begin your yoga journey. With hands on adjustments and instructor attention to ensure a smooth transition from a beginner student to that advanced yogi!

Introductory course: Monday evenings @ 7:15 pm – 8:30 pm

Drop- In $17

10 Class Card (Expires 6 months after purchase date) $140

Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy

This specialty in physical therapy is effective for adults and the pediatric population. Women's health issues treated range from urinary incontinence to various pelvic pain diagnoses. Children's issues range from chronic constipation to all kinds of urinary dysfunctions. The following treatment options may be used to help re-gain bladder & bowel control and reduce pain; working with our state of the art biofeedback system, electrical stimulation, exercise prescription specific to your symptoms, functional training, and guidance in behavioral modifications. Pelvic floor muscle therapy is available at our Hopkinton location.